Bodyweight Travel Exercise Workouts

OK, so here’s some example workouts for anyone who wants to add a body-weight routine to their travel exercise arsenal. Mix and match as you please. These are relatively quick sessions 25-35 minutes, so they are easy to fit in to your day.

I did these when I was travelling, try to do one session of each per week, see how you get on.

These guys were in my hotel gym in Thailand, went for a swim that day.

Speed session

Combine these four exercises into one monster set (a superset).

How many? 

20 reps for each of the four exercises for 2-5 sets with 90 second rest between them. Start on 2 sets and when that gets manageable do more.



Strength Session

Less intense than the speed session but this will add strength to your whole body.

How many?

10-15 reps for 3 sets. Each exercise to be completed before moving onto the next. 30-90 second rests between sets. You want to have enough rest so that you can do at least 10 reps on the next set.


Core Session

Everything works your core (abs etc.) but these exercises will hit them hard.

How many?

10-15 reps for 3 sets. Either put these into one monster set with no rest or do them sequentially like the Strength Session. 60 second rests between sets.


Too easy? Add difficulty by reducing your rest time between sets. You can also increase the number of reps; when that gets manageable, add in another set.

And that’s it. Brief and simple. But this is what got me through 18 months of travel and I maintained my strength and fitness throughout.

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