7 Days in Javea | Summer Holiday in Spain

I discussed in a previous post about our holiday in Spain this month. We’re 7 days in and so I thought it’d be a good time to give an update on what we’ve done so far.

From the UK to Javea

We stayed at Rosie’s parents house the night before our flights. Rosie’s dad was good enough to drive us to Birmingham airport at 0500 (we’re going to buy him some good beer to say thanks). Everything was fine, we ate our packed breakfasts (sandwiches and courgette cake; it tastes a lot better than it sounds) but we couldn’t find anywhere past the security point to fill up our bottles so we settled for plane water.

The flight went well, we were sat in different places in the cabin as we didn’t pay for allocated seats. I got the better deal, the chap next to me slept most of the way and only let out one stinky fart (pretty gross). Rosie had a screaming kid kick the back of her chair the whole way!

At the Sixt car rental desk we were upgraded from a Ford Ka to a Nissan Juke because they didn’t have any Ka cars available. To be honest I would have preferred the smaller car. It’s less thirsty and easier to navigate the notoriously sinuous Spanish roads.

Activities so far

  • Swimming
  • Reading
  • Hiking
  • Segunto cultural trip
  • Christians and Moors parade
  • Resistance band/body workouts
  • More Swimming

As mentioned in a previous post, this holiday is just for relaxing. Rosie has her dissertation to research and write, and I’ve got some sleep to catch up on. That said, I’d go crazy if I just sat around for 2 weeks and so we’ve been keeping ourselves reasonably busy over the past 7 days.

The villa is great, the pool temperature fluctuates between 25-27°C/77-81°F. Most days have started with a jump in the pool.

Rosie on the first day having a paddle. It’s cloudy in this picture but it was still 30°C/86°F+outside.
I took this on the Monday when the skies were a lot clearer.


We’ve also been to Playa La Granadella a couple of times. One of the top beaches on the Costa Blanca. They’ve changed the parking around this year so we scoped it out the night before our first visit. It’s perfect for snorkeling, with calm waters and plenty of fish; you can also pay to rent a kayak.

On Thursday we ventured out of Javea for some sights and history in Sagunto, the site of ancient Saguntum which was sacked by Hannibal in the 3rd Century BCE and largely contributed to the outbreak of the Second Punic War. The site was also besieged and taken by the French in 1811 during the Napoleonic Wars.


The place is pretty special. It’s free to get in but there are no guides/leaflets available so we used the internet on our phones to read up on site’s history. We parked in the town and walked 10 minutes up;  you can park on the road leading up to the castle if you don’t fancy the walk.


We went up around 1300 – it was REALLY HOT!!! – however, this meant we had the place to ourselves. We wore long sleeve shirts, sunglasses and sunscreen so we were fairly well protected.

This local chap was having a cheeky siesta in the shade.


After the castle, we went for a walk in Sagunto’s old town. There are other archaeological sites dotted around which are also free to visit.

Saturday we conquered Montgó Massif, a 753m/2470ft mountain which overlooks Javea. Super keen, we woke at 0400 and got to the car park for 0500. The only problem was it wasn’t light until 0600….oops. We snoozed in the car until other hikers arrived around 0600 and luckily woke us up.


The climb up took about 1.5 hours. There was a lot of crisscrossing and a bit of scrambling near the end but overall it was quite an easy climb. We were tired but it was worth it to see everything lit-up by the morning light. Spectacular.

This was the view from above the clouds.


Nearly there!
This post marks the point where the path steeply descends.


So I’ve had some bad shoulder issues the past few months and it’s been impeding my progression for the squat and bench press. I think the issue is the squat, too much load is going onto my elbows (I low bar squat) and it’s messing up my elbows and shoulders.

Spain, therefore, offers a good opportunity to pull back a bit and rest for two weeks. This means daily stretching, some light swimming, body exercises and some resistance band work.


This is all light work for me and I have noticed better movement in my shoulders from the daily stretching. I set up some resistance bands on the window bars of the villa to work my back and arms, it worked surprisingly well. Earlier today I was feeling restless so I did some bicep curls to help with my elbow mobility, this was super light and so I did 5 sets of 50.

Not forgetting the hike up Montgo which burnt a few calories; over 1100 kcal before 1100!


So far we’ve spent a fair amount on food, but all our meals have been home-prepared and well balanced; lots of veg, fruit, sandwiches and sangria. Also, the money we’d usually spend in the UK on groceries is paying for our groceries, plus a little extra because we’re on holiday. Admittedly we will be buying churros when we find someone selling them.

Above is one of our meals this week. Some fresh ingredients, seasoning and pasta, with eggs for added protein. It was packed full of nutrients and cost less than €7 to make; which includes the wine. This is pretty good going when you consider a similar meal with alcohol in a restaurant would cost anything from €30 upwards.


So far we’ve spent the following:

  • Food/Liquids: €137
  • Fuel/Tolls: €69
  • Total: €206/week, €29.4/day, €14.7 per person/day

It’s quite a lot, and we could have spent a lot less but I wanted to drive to see Sagunto and we live frugally in the UK so this is a good time to not worry so much about money for a couple of weeks.

Here’s to another week of relaxation in Spain. ¡Buena suerte!




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