7 Days in Javea | Summer Holiday in Spain

A quick overview of the past seven days in Javea, Spain.


5 Ways to Save on Flights

We've all done it (those of use who've flown anyway), bought a cheap flight and congratulated ourselves on our frugal actions. Only to blow a chunk of our budget during the flight on food and drinks. An easy mistake to make, especially when you're in holiday mode. But for those of us on a budget,... Continue Reading →

Spain on a Budget

I’ve got some spare time so thought I’d write an update on an upcoming holiday to Spain. Things are good as I’m on annual leave at the end of next week. We’re flying out next Sunday to Spain for 12 days to just relax, enjoy the food and swim in the sea. ‘But wait!’ I... Continue Reading →

Bodyweight Travel Exercise Workouts

OK, so here's some example workouts for anyone who wants to add a body-weight routine to their travel exercise arsenal. Mix and match as you please. These are relatively quick sessions 25-35 minutes, so they are easy to fit in to your day. I did these when I was travelling, try to do one session of each... Continue Reading →

How I Deadlifted 500lbs

I discovered the gym for the first time at school, when I was 15. I used to go on a Wednesday afternoon instead of rugby. I enjoyed rugby but I didn’t like the ‘jocks’ that were also playing it. I was a mosher, with my hair down past my shoulders. However, it wasn’t until my... Continue Reading →

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