Bodyweight Travel Exercise Workouts

OK, so here's some example workouts for anyone who wants to add a body-weight routine to their travel exercise arsenal. Mix and match as you please. These are relatively quick sessions 25-35 minutes, so they are easy to fit in to your day. I did these when I was travelling, try to do one session of each... Continue Reading →


4 Ways to Stay in Shape While Travelling on a Budget

So this is something I have wanted to write for quite some time. In 2014 I graduated and left the UK with my partner to live and work in Australia on a 417 visa. After this we travelled through South East Asia and on to South America. You have to make a lot of compromises... Continue Reading →

How I Deadlifted 500lbs

I discovered the gym for the first time at school, when I was 15. I used to go on a Wednesday afternoon instead of rugby. I enjoyed rugby but I didn’t like the ‘jocks’ that were also playing it. I was a mosher, with my hair down past my shoulders. However, it wasn’t until my... Continue Reading →

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